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17th February 2011 @ 21:03
"This page lists the blogs associated with a worldwide student-led research project - to optimize the preparation of enantiopure praziquantel. A description of how you can get involved is given in the PDF attached.

You can read the paper about this research project that's currently being assembled - it's not finished, but has a fair amount of primary information for background reading:

You can also read a couple of recent updates Mat Todd gave on the coordination site, The Synaptic Leap (TSL). You can sign up to be a member of TSL and to receive more updates:

Feel free to browse a few pages on TSL, since there's quite a bit there.

Background to the whole idea behind the project is here: (this is a pdf file)

You can watch Mat Todd talk about what open science is, and how it relates to PZQ, here: (5 minute version) (full hour talk at Google)

If you want examples of how to write a lab book like this, why not browse the existing lab book, and to see the kinds of experiments you could do.

If you take part, it's going to be important to have links between your lab books and the existing ones, so that the data are all linked up. Keep in mind that ultimately the chemical process that's needed is one that works on a ton scale, so there are really important things to consider with regards efficiency, but also how "green" the process is. Toxic reagents, or procedures with lots of solvent, or chlorinated solvents, are bad because of clean-up costs. Purification by crystallisation is essential. No columns. These are difficult constraints, but, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention."
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